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Coccosphere Environmental Analysis


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UiB Mesocosm Centre (University of Bergen Mesocosm Centre).


Marine Biological Station, Espegrend, Bergen, Norway.


The UiB Mesocosm Centre at Espegrend is part of the Department of Biology at University of Bergen. It offers a wide range of opportunities for marine mesocosm experiments. The facility includes a floating platform with enclosures in the Raunefjord plus land-based outdoor mesocosms, both located at UiB’s Marine Biological Station. A unique feature of the enclosures in the fjord is a floating shad that provides high-quality wetlab space and electricity for immediate sample processing and lab-based measurements of samples taken in the enclosures. The mesocosm can also be set-up for temperature (land tanks only) and CO2 treatments by users. Research vessels facilitate easy access from land to the platform.

Infrastructure on land includes multiple laboratories (chemistry lab, isotope minilab for 14C and 3H, live lab, formalin lab) where users can set up their own equipment and instrumentation. 3 walk-in cold rooms with running sea-water (2) and light control (1), offices and an auditorium that holds up to ca. 60 persons.


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